The samples of the library of sound are ordered in five categories:

  • Rope Singing Spontaneous sounds of ropes when out of operation; mostly recorded with contact microphones (unprocessed)
  • Acoustic Ecology Recordings of audible operating noise; mostly recorded with in-ear-microphones or ambisonics (unprocessed)
  • Interactive Sonification Documented interaction with the ropes, stimulation by double bass bows, mallets or other implements; mostly recorded with contact microphones (unprocessed)
  • Acceleration Data Sonified infrasonic oscillations; measured with special microphones
  • Musical Remix Compilation of sounds from the library (processed, copyrighted material)

Each sample can be listened to or downloaded (mp3). The visualized envelope curve highlights process details.
A detailed view of the wave, scientific annotations and metadata are available by clicking on the information icon.

Additional research tools for sample analysis and indexing are in preparation.